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Own the Road

Consider the analogy that the human body is similar to a machine.

Our current healthcare system is actually built on this premise.

Think about it.

When we have pain we look to the medical specialist or surgeon who plays the role of the car mechanic.

They examine the area of pain; order some x-rays, MRIs, EMGs and various other tests in an effort to get a closer look at the machine.

You get an injection to “loosen up” the area or they recommend surgery to repair or even replace the “damaged” parts.

When we repair our cars, they run like new.

When we treat our bodies this way, the results are quite different- the outcomes are mediocre at best.

Physicians and clinicians need to be more than just mechanics that “fix” machines.

Each person travels their own path through the course of life- no two experiences are the same!

We must FIRST get to know the driver before we can even START to work on the machine.

The Doctors of Physical Therapy at ProMet are dedicated to getting to know each patient we meet, truly listening to their unique perspective and delivering the ultimate experience designed to meet their specific needs.

We inspire others to achieve their full potential and put the power of the machine that is the human body back into the hands of the people!

If you have pain that is stopping you from taking the path you choose, come in for an appointment and Own the Road!

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