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Physical Therapy Is Not A

  • Anywhere you go across the world your favorite cup of coffee sold by your favorite coffee chain more than likely will taste exactly the same no matter the location you choose. The same cannot be said for physical therapy!
  • If you’ve had PT in the past you may have experienced that two physical therapy facilities, just blocks away from each other, are often vastly different!
  • We understand that you have options when it comes to choosing a PT provider. ProMet Physical Therapy offers a fresh new approach as compared to other physical therapy facilities in the community and it all starts with you!
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Education Is Essential

  • Our Doctors of Physical Therapy pride themselves on educating their patients to their particular condition, helping them better understand the root cause of their pain or medical issue.
  • When you are informed about your condition your recovery is more effective. By taking a more active role during your rehab you will experience results faster
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We Treat The Individual

  • ProMet understands that all individuals are different and therefore no two injuries alike. We don’t just treat pain or injured joints. WE TREAT PEOPLE.
  • With our individualized approach to each patient, our Doctors of Physical Therapy help develop a treatment plan designed specifically to meet your needs.
  • By being attentive to your distinct needs and goals, our approach will help us get to the source of your injury or pain and eliminate the symptoms!
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  • With over 10 years of experience in the surrounding neighborhoods, ProMet Physical Therapy has become synonymous with Elite Level Care, Superior Customer Service, and 5 Star Results.
  • We have established ourselves as the go-to PTs for a large network of physicians throughout the NYC metro area as well as multiple schools and athletic organizations. Our affiliated athletic coaches and schools entrust us to rehab their athletes and keep them on the field all year long!
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We Are The Premier Movement Specialists

  • People typically move through life’s activities habitually, not thinking about the importance of proper mechanics until they experience pain.
  • We at ProMet have a foundational and complex understanding of the way the human body moves in the most efficient manner.
    Our experienced professionals will optimize the way your body moves and ultimately eliminate the source of your pain.
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Featured Techniques

physical therapy kew gardens


Physical Therapy Great Neck

Balance and Gait Training

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IASTM Technique

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Kinesio Taping

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Postural Restoration®

Physical Therapy Roslyn

NormaTec Recovery System