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Elite Service

At ProMet we understand that every person is unique & requires an individualized approach to PT care.  From your 1st call with us & throughout your entire rehab process our team will ensure exceptional service in order to achieve your PT goals!

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Our team begins with you! ProMet’s Doctors of Physical Therapy are knowledgeable on the most current techniques & evidence based PT practice. We make it a priority to get to know you, educate you on your condition and keep you involved in your progress during your time with us.

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We don’t just treat injuries, we treat people! Combining our extensive training, continued education, elite customer service and over 10 years of experience we take pride in what we do. Through a customized approach to care ProMet will provide long lasting results and go beyond your expectations!

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Testimonials – What our patients say about us…

My objective was to regain the active lifestyle I had enjoyed pre-surgery and was very concerned that this may not be achievable. Together with the two doctors involved with my surgical and post-operative procedures, ProMet established an aggressive exercise program that incorporated muscle and ligament strengthening as well as ultrasound, massage therapy and electrical stimulation. ProMet also gave me “homework” exercises to include in my daily regimen. I credit ProMet and their rehabilitation processes for helping me achieve my objective.

 Rich P.

I have nothing but gratitude for all of the skills ProMet has taught me and all the “coach like” enthusiasm you infused me with.  It was incredible that you could give me “hope” when I didn’t have any and pretty much couldn’t accept yours.  But then, you were right!  Sometimes I DID need to just give it a rest!  And then sometimes, I JUST NEEDED TO PUSH THROUGH!  Basically, I’m doing well and I owe it to you.

 Joanne B.

I recently had an advanced arthroscopy on my right knee and came to ProMet to help me regain the strength in my leg.  Ryan has been a revelation from the physical therapists I had been to over the years.  He exudes the confidence that comes from someone with an extensive knowledge of anatomy, body mechanics and injury.  My knee feels better than it has in years thanks to him.  I feel very fortunate to have come to know this talented professional.

 Lucille K.

I had a great time rehabbing and training with Ryan at ProMet. He showed me areas of my body that needed to be more mobility and strengthening. I learned how my arm and body is supposed to move when I throw and how the body can over compensate when you lack flexibility in certain areas. We did specific exercises that increased mobility in my arm and strengthened my core to increase my power to the plate. Ryan does not throw exercises together and lets you do it, He explains why we are doing each specific exercise and how it will benefit for you.

 Nick M.