What to Expect

On your first visit to ProMet, you will meet your Doctor of Physical Therapy who will get to know you, your medical history and all about your injury or condition.

Based on information about your past and current status, your physical therapist will conduct an initial examination consisting of movement tests and measures in order to assess for things like muscle imbalances, limits in range of motion and deficits in muscle strength as well as your overall quality of movement.Based on the findings of the exam and in conjunction with your history, your PT will then design a plan of care specifically designed to meet your needs.

Typically, PTs utilize therapeutic, functional and progressive exercise, manual techniques like soft tissue massage and joint mobilizations as well as therapeutic modalities to help you get on the road to healthier, pain-free movement.Our PTs are constantly re-examining and reassessing the effectiveness of your treatment on a daily basis so that we can work with you and help you to progress towards your functional goals.

Whether you are trying to return to your sport, or just trying to walk again without pain, ProMet will be there with you every step of the way.