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Best of the World

There are two distinct components of effective medicine.

The first one is science.

Our brains unconsciously maintain life (Imagine if we all had to think about breathing?)while allowing us the freedom to choose what we do with our time.

We all own nervous systems that deliver messages throughout our bodies in a tangled
web of wonder.

We are blessed with an interconnected system of muscles- some that work in solitude
to keep the heart pumping and others that work in unison to produce dance and sports.

Understanding how all these beautiful processes occur within our body relies heavily on
our comprehension of science.
When symptoms arise however, science alone offers an incomplete solution.

Pain for instance, is an experience that we all perceive quite differently.

As a society, we are given pills or undergo a surgery aimed at the science of the
problem- but relief is often short-lived.

The true solution lies in our ability to understand the underlying cause of the pain- which
can only be obtained by getting to know the individual in pain.

The best physicians and clinicians get to know you, become familiar with your
experiences and perceptions and help you to apply the science directly to your specific

These clinicians utilize the Art of Medicine- the ability to specifically apply the
knowledge of science to each unique individual circumstance.

The Doctor of Physical Therapy at ProMet all have their own unique and individual
styles that they have mastered along their professional journeys – medical artists in their
own right!


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