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The next wave in healthcare

Ultimately, the purpose of any effective physician is to prevent you from needing
more physicians.

You and your generalist – once called the primary care physician – seemed to build
a solid relationship.

In context, she was there make sense of any symptoms that arose and in a practical
sense,taught you how to care for yourself.

In acute situations, she would send you to utilize the experience and skill of a
talented surgeon –

the specialist – who would repair your broken bones and torn muscles.
Somewhere along the line in the evolution of healthcare, this system changed,

These days, when pain creeps its way into our lives we are programmed to call the

With advanced knowledge, the specialist has all the answers- or so it seems.

What’s the next test?

What’s the next pill?

Who’s the next specialist I need to see?

Do I need surgery?

What are the proven results?

Will my pain be gone if I have this surgery?

Can we avoid the procedure, altogether?

Why are there more questions than answers?

The REAL question? What happened to the effective generalist?
In most cases, the generalist can prevent you from needing the specialist in the first

The answer to your questions lies in the generalist’s ability to see the patient as a
whole,understand their individual needs and convert knowledge into power!
Pure and simple- The generalist helps people help themselves.

ProMet Physical Therapy is the generalist-the Primary Care Clinician!
We have proven to be pioneers in the field of medicine- making sure that our
communities get the quality care they deserve and we sure are grateful for the successful
relationships we’ve built along the way!

Through our actions and in the name of our mission- Inspire Others to Achieve

Their Full Potential-

ProMet is determined to put the power of medicine back into the hands of the people!

We are built for this role!
We ARE the Next Wave in Healthcare
Start your journey with us today!
We are Primary Care Clinicians!

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