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You Have Direct Access to Physical Therapy

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What does this mean: Simply it means that in the state of New York you can see a Physical Therapist directly without a referral or prescription from a doctor. It allows you to receive treatment in a timely fashion. Sometimes it takes months to get an appointment with a doctor and the waiting game does not do the body any good. The “wait and see” approach has been thrown out the window along with the dreaded “Bed Rest” that has sidelined so many people from the life they want to live.

Now YOU can choose to get your health right, choose to start working on your body, and choose to get those meaningful activities back into your life.

How does this impact your care: WE VALUE YOUR TIME. First off we want to learn more about you so we can provide insights into an individualized plan of care. It helps you begin treatment right away! After taking a history and a physical examination/screen we then come to the conclusion if we need to refer out or get any diagnostics (X-RAY, MRI..etc). ProMet PT will guide you in the direction to make sure you get answers to your questions.

Directly accessing Physical Therapy at ProMet PT will also eliminate unnecessary co-pays at doctors’ offices which offer little value in terms of your physical health. This frustrating barrier will be removed to help save you money and time. This is something we strongly believe in because it is reducing the risks of prolonged pain, disappointment, and headaches. We are also helping out all our doctors who are SWAMPED with patients creating scheduling conflicts for you because they simply have no time. Your time is valuable and we want everyone to know that you can be in charge of your health and get your time back!

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