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You Are Not Your M.R.I.


If you’ve been for medical imaging such as an MRI, which told you something has changed about the structure of your body, you may be asking yourself “MRI Alright?” like the lady above. Maybe it told you about herniated discs in your back, or maybe about a torn meniscus in your knee, or perhaps even some degeneration of the tendons in your shoulder.

While these findings can sound frightening, they often…

  • Are a normal part of aging
  • Do not require surgery
  • Are not the source of your pain
  • And won’t keep you from getting back to what you want to do!


When we have pain, that only tells us that a problem exists.

  • It doesn’t tell us what the problem is
  • And it doesn’t always tell us where the problem is

Many studies have shown that abnormal MRI findings of an asymptomatic (non-painful) area of the body, were HIGHLY prevalent.

Yea so? So that means for example, someone with ONLY right shoulder pain, will more often than not, find abnormal MRI results in BOTH the right & left shoulders.




Results of Medical Imaging DO NOT Always Correlate to PAIN

We are quick to blame structural changes for our pain and are often overlooking the real underlying reasons that we aren’t feeling so great in the first place.

While MRIs & X-rays are very useful in giving us more information about what is going on, the results should not have you zone in on one particular problem area. They just give us a good starting point of where to begin the healing process.

No system in your body works alone & therefore can never heal alone.


Your Queens Physical Therapists at ProMet PT can help you think bigger and think better to fully understand your body and how to properly care for it.

Let’s find the root of your pain, make life-style changes, move with efficiency & work together to get you where you want to be!

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