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Why Physical Therapists Are Crucial for Stroke Recoveries

Physical Therapy

While most may argue that neurologists or other medical professionals are critical when it comes to the recovery for an individual who suffered a stroke, physical therapists are just as, if not more, vital.

Once a stroke is appropriately managed by the medical staff and treatments are administered to minimize the effects of the stroke, the path to recovery begins with relentless effort on behalf of the patient and rehabilitation team. Seeing that a stroke can hinder or compromise the body’s function on the affected side, it is critical to restore proper functioning to improve the individual’s level of independence.

Physical therapists are often acknowledged in stroke survivors’ successful recoveries because they are crucial for achieving an optimal quality of life amid challenges. With a dependable professional’s help—such as those over at ProMet Physical Therapy—a plan can be developed based on the following factors and goals:

  • The persistent pain in the body (such as shoulder pain or dislocation common with individuals who have suffered a stroke)
  • The need to prevent further complications (like a second stroke or complete compromise of the function on either side) after a stroke
  • The opportunity to attain as much function as possible (similar to that achieved before a stroke)

How the average physical therapy program works

Stroke survivors will require immediate and apt care from a trained physical therapist because the recovery program is heavily specialized and will require professional planning. With a well-built program, you or a loved one can gradually regain the ability to return to doing regular activities at home, work, and in the community through constant practice and treatment.

The average program will take anywhere between a year to two years from moving safely from a bed to a chair and performing specific exercises. After the foundational movements are handled, a physical therapist will administer a more challenging program flow that includes functional activities and strengthening exercises.

Over time, a physical therapy program will continue to work progressively until optimal function is restored in the body’s once-disabled parts, such as the hand, arm, foot and leg!



Out of all the different members in your rehabilitation team, your physical therapist plays a critical role in you or a loved one’s recovery. By keeping this guide in mind, you can stay well aware of the importance of having an expert on duty to help on your road to regaining full functional capacity!

Are you looking for a reputable physical therapy in Glendale, NY, for stroke-related reasons? Boost your chances of regaining full functional capacity and independence by getting in touch with us and scheduling an appointment with our experts today!

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