Understanding Your First Physical Therapy Visit – Our Guide

Your first trip to see a physical therapist is a welcome opportunity to consider your holistic health and well-being. It offers many specialized treatments, like cupping and postural restoration, to address critical issues like chronic pain, imbalance and the like.

This article will discuss four essential tips that you need to look into for your first appointment at the physical therapy clinic. The main goal is to maximize your time and resources for seeking specialized treatments and services and consider physical therapy to better your health and functional capacity.

1. Come in proper attire

You need to be ready for possible physical exercises and examinations during your first consultation, requiring the need to wear comfortable exercise attire. Doing so will enable your physical therapist to instruct you on the proper movement and techniques, inform you regarding your body’s current condition and address your concerns.

At Promet Physical Therapy, the general rule for most clients is to come in athletic clothing, such as sweat pants, gym tees, and rubber shoes. However, we may also request you to come in bulky clothing if you need to undergo massages. Consult with our staff and physical therapists before your first assessment to know the appropriate attire to wear on your first appointment.

2. Consider bringing your medical records and insurance policies 

You may have relevant medical records and insurance policies that correlate to your need for physical therapy. It’s best to bring these essential records so that the physical therapy clinic can give the appropriate treatment and services based on these documents.

As such, be sure to communicate this essential information with our ProMet physical therapists and staff. You can also request an appointment with us to get the orientation you need before your first consultation.

3. Look through the different physical therapy services 

Your physical therapist makes the best call when it comes to your treatment and steady recovery, but your doctor may refer you for certain physical therapy treatments. It’s best to look over our list of services wherein we talk about what we offer. Doing so will enable you to best coordinate with our physical therapists, your family doctor, and ensure that you get the appropriate treatment you need.

4. Go through an initial examination 

Most professional physical therapy clinics offer an initial examination to assess your body’s condition, the area of concern and what kinds of treatments you need to undergo. Through this, you can receive a well-informed look into what your recovery process looks like and how you can best participate in its success.

At ProMet Physical Therapy, we believe your treatment’s success starts with a comprehensive and comfortable initial examination. We encourage you to read through our first visit expectations section to orient yourself before arriving. Our staff and physical therapists are also available to contact if you have any concerns and requests.

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Your first visit to the physical therapy clinic is a step in the right direction for your treatment. You just need to know what to take note of and find the best physical therapists and services for your needs. Take note of the previously mentioned tips and be on the lookout for local, professional physical therapists in your area.

Are you looking for professional physical therapy services in Glendale, Kew Gardens, and Manhasset? We at ProMet Physical Therapy can provide you with that. We see to it that you undergo a comprehensive initial examination to assess which specific areas need to be addressed for your recovery. Consult with us today to better your health and well-being.


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