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Too Fit To Fracture


Public Service Announcement!!

It’s important to look at our ability to maintain strength and balance as we age. It saves us from the detriments that come from falls, disability and immobility.


The golden years can be a reality , it can be attainable to everyone who wants to be better, being more robust and allow our bodies to age optimally.

An article I want to bring attention to is “Too Fit To Fracture” published in 2014 out of Canadian institute of Health Research,

It has been understood for years and years that your bones get stronger by placing tolerable stresses to them over time. Activities as in carrying weights back and forth, running, jumping, lunges, squats..etc.“Yet there is a fear that these movements may increase the risk of falls or fractures in high risk individuals, or not be feasible in older adults because of the high prevalence of osteoarthritis”.The article goes on to mention again that “Progressively increasing impact exercises may be tolerable in older adults with osteoarthritis and does not contribute to disease progression” This means that this fear that is placed on this population is a false judgement of what is needed to become less fragile!

We hear the medical community throw terms around like “osteoporosis, fragility, vertebral fractures, hip fractures, brittle bones, bone mineral density, osteopenia, vitamin D deficiency or calcium deficiency”. ALL of which are considered “diseases’ ‘ (its not what it seems) It’s just medical jargon that in the wrong context can do more harm than good and should be used with caution! Nonetheless decreased activity, osteoporosis, risk of fractures can be a significant source of morbidity and mortality.and create great pain, decreased function, and depression if not dealt with in a progressive manner!

That’s why WE at ProMet put emphasis on YOU, getting to know the patient is all about winning the moment, picking each other up and inspiring others. It’s the details, the foundations of movement as we say that is critical to joint health.

After it all, we all want to live an enriched full life with experiences that last a lifetime spent with the ones we love.

For most who are waiting to finally enjoy their “retired” years, it’s important that we check off the basics to ensure continued growth and progression.

The more we challenge our bones and muscles the stronger they get and less likely you are to sustain a fracture or fall. As the literature states it is not going to lead to more osteoarthritis or such related issues….(myth buster)

This is a big step for you and your loved ones to start turning the tide, re write the script and say why not me?! Your Therapist at ProMet PT is eager and ready to move you forward with a plan of care that will check all the boxes and teach you WHY before HOW.

Learn today what exactly those “foundations” are and how to put the i back in FIT! At ProMet we will deliver excellence and value for your movement needs!


Published in final edited form as: Osteoporos Int. 2014 March 1; 25(3): 821–835. doi:10.1007/s00198-013-2523-2.”Too Fit To Fracture: exercise recommendations for individuals with osteoporosis or osteoporotic vertebral fracture”

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