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The “3 sets of 10” : MYTH BUSTERS


Is counting repetition really that important? How many times should I do this?

When looking at how many times you should perform a specific exercise the question should be how am I doing? Why am I even doing this?  Instead of how many times should I do it?

We all know the saying how you do anything is how you do everything

It can be a huge waste of time if you are doing 3 sets of 10 for all exercises but the form is off, intensity dissolved, goals forgotten, the program and plan should always aim to get patients to their goals of X, Y, Z etc.

Positioning, form, and correct breathing are key factors BEFORE counting reps even happens.

Different parts of our body deserve more or less attention than others. Our arm muscles are much different and smaller than your leg muscles yet we still give both 3 sets of 10. The squat is far harder than bicep curls yet both are being performed at 3 sets of 10. 

The more optimal way to get this is to first understand what we want to build (Is it strength, endurance or hypertrophy?) and where are we in our exercise/rehabilitation journey? Each one of these requires different repetitions and intensity.

Beginners: should start out trying to build their endurance with higher repetitions so that they can practice their form, positioning, and breathing more effectively. 

“If you can not breathe in the position you’re in during exercise, you do not own that position”

Intermediate: here we can drop in a range of 8-15 reps, slightly heavier loads but still focusing on quality form and positioning. 3 sets of 10 might not be as optimal as 2 sets of 15 due to higher reps and the brain is able to practice the movement more.

Advanced: Now we can get into a 1-7 rep range where we can challenge the muscles and skeletal system further with heavier loads. Rest periods will dramatically increase due to the heavier loads you’ll be lifting. 

If you want to be successful in anything in life you need to have a PLAN. This is the number 1 area people fail at and that can lead to detrimental effects down the road.

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