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Tendinopathy is a general term used to describe the pathology associated with a tendon, including tendinitis and tendinosis. Tendinitis occurs when a tendon is affected by a sudden/acute injury or experiences excessive repetitive micro-traumas.

The main course of treatment for tendinitis focuses on reducing the inflammation. Tendinosis is the non-inflammatory degeneration of the tendon which does not get many benefits from anti-inflammatory treatments.

The main goal of tendon rehabilitation is symptom management and progressive loading. Old schools of thought typically began with RICE treatments (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate). However, recent research has shown that progressive loading is the best treatment method to build strength throughout the tendon.

Typical rehab will consist of this progression: Isometrics, Isotonics, Compressive Loading, Plyometric Loading, Plyometric Loading Including Compression. Isometric exercises are always the best to start with due to their ability to help reduce initial symptoms. During treatment, it is important to discuss and manage workload and training volume with your Physical Therapist. Manual therapy will help speed up the process by working on soft tissue restrictions, joint mobility, and any other deficits that may be present.

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