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Lately, I’ve noticed more and more people telling me to “STAY SAFE”.

A caring gesture no doubt that seems to have taken over for the good old-
fashioned “Take it Easy!”

But it got me thinking- “Is what we are doing the safe thing?”
While the science behind the massive stay-at-home order is unclear, we follow
because we fear getting sick, passing it to others or even worse.
Fair enough- but what about life outside of the pandemic?
What does it mean in our lives when we PLAY IT SAFE?

Not EVERY decision should be considered life or death, but blindingly taking the
easy path with life’s important choices can often lead to mediocrity.
Every moment in our lives we are faced with choice.

At work or at home, it seems impossible to find the perfect balance so we choose

the path of least resistance- but there always seems to be something missing-
deep down we know we could do better and be happier.

We all get stuck sometimes and right now, most of us feel MORE stuck than

How did we get here?
It started at birth.

We are all born with primitive instincts designed to keep us safe.

When we put our hand over a stove, our instincts QUICKLY tell our hand to pull

away and avoid getting burned.

Do we then avoid fire altogether from that point forward? Or do we learn to

respect the flame?

Through the trauma and hardships of life, do we become attached to our
physical and psychological pain experiences or do we use our past experiences to

learn, grow and move on?

We certainly do have LOTS of choices to make.

Faced with a tough decision we protect ourselves against future losses –


True happiness- otherwise known as JOY- can seem so far away.
We are bound by this protective mechanism, engrained in us at birth.

Or are we?

The other option we have SACRIFICE!

Make sacrifices NOW- start to take the harder path- follow your purpose!

Suffering now= gratification later!


Origins of the word:from sub-, meaning “below,” and ferre, meaning “to bear.”
Definition: something pressing you down that you have to submit to and bear.
SUFFERING- We put ourselves through pain now because we know that we will

be better off in the future.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised.

ACTION is all we have- choose UNCERTAINTY- choose to GROW away from

your primitive emotions.

The old saying that states “we only live once” is INCORRECT.

We only die once, we live every day!

So, the next time your neighbor tells you to “BE SAFE”, what will you be

thinking about?

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