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Scoliosis Physical Therapy: Inhale, Exhale.

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Keeping up with the demands of our profession requires the ability to learn and grow. Our goal here at ProMet Physical Therapy is to inspire our community and give them a glimpse about what we are working on internally.

As Clinicians our highest priority is delivering high quality care and by keeping up with innovations to our field we are able to bring that to you.



Our nervous system relies on a feedback mechanism to remind itself where it is in space. If we have a scoliotic curvature which may be idiopathic (unknown cause), congenital, neurological, traumatic etc.. if progressed can decrease our performance and ability to function in our community.

Perhaps the patient had formed this curve while developing as an infant, adolescent or even an adult, or you may have had a neurological pathology such as a stroke, nerve injury as in cases with low back pain, or cerebral palsy which all can weaken the muscles that support the spine extenuating the curve. There are also syndromes that affect our connective tissue as in Ehlers-Danlos, neurofibromatosis and Marfan which show strong correlations with early onset scoliosis as well.


Definition: Scoliosis simply is a change in the spinal curve from side to side (“S” or “C” curve).

Having this for 1 month, 5 months, 3 years or however much time you’ve had this your brain now perceives this curve or alignment as a new normal. Early detection correlates with better health outcomes because if it gets out of hand and our curve progresses without attention and awareness, our structures surrounding our spine may become irritated and unorganized (muscles, nerves, joints, bones etc.)



Now it may look like our body, if split down the middle has equal halves. A superficial look at our arms, legs, eyes, ears appear very symmetric but we are asymmetric in nature and over time this can compound and gain power over us. On the inside we have a heavy liver on the right, we have 3 lobes of our lung on the right, heart sits on the left, our diaphragm domes higher on the right.

Now the goal is not to be 50 /50, our anatomy won’t let that happen (as we saw with our internal structures above), but we don’t want to be 90 % dominant on one side and 10% dominant on the other side, working our way to 60/40 or even 55/45 is the ideal picture for longevity.

Our focus at ProMet Physical Therapy is to see the bigger picture and realize how to control this so we don’t give in, while continuing to build necessary strength so we can be upright pedal (walking) humans.

Scoliosis treatment involves a postural examination, history assessment followed by education on how we can improve our body’s alignment with a multifaceted approach (combination of exercise, manual therapy, breathing drills, recovery techniques (cupping and instrument assisted soft tissue massage) to minimize progression and improve function.


Sequence of events to follow education:

~The road map ahead!

We have to know where we are going in order to succeed. We must start with the end in mind. You cannot manage what you do not measure.


The best do the basics well. The foundational process:

Typical assessment on how we are moving at the most fundamental level includes but not limited to… can we move our pelvis? How are we breathing? How is our coordination of moving our pelvis and breathing at the same time?  Where are the shifts happening in the spine? check for key mobility areas (shoulders, wrists, hips and ankle) and relate this based on what we observed at the spinal level during our initial examination. More information to follow.

Working on the foundations provide us with a strong base to build upon. It’s one thing to start moving, but moving with a purpose; that’s where your plan starts with us. Using intention in our approach to gradually and specifically target areas in a manner that’s useful for you.

Start today, ask questions, call us at (718) 554-6610, (718) 880-2385 or (516) 365-2060 to start being, living and take control of your body. Remember you are the driver of this vehicle. Get more tips like this on our website at or come in to see one of our movement specialists here at ProMet Physical Therapy at the Atlas Mall location on Cooper Avenue, in Manhasset off Community Drive or in Kew Gardens on Metropolitan Avenue. Seeing an expert in movement who can catch the subtleties of something we do every day is valued care that goes beyond words. This is a matter of bringing thoughts to action.

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