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ProMet Takes on Race For Rehab

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On October 2nd 2022 ProMet PT proudly took an opportunity to be a sponsor for the annual “Race for Rehab” event at New York Medical College. The event included arm cyclists, runners, walkers, people with a disability, and all ages. The foundation called “Achilles International” runs these events every year to support people with disabilities and to welcome all persons to partake in this event. Achilles International is a global organization operating in 18 countries who are transforming lives through sporting activities and social events.

This race means much more than getting groups of different populations together for endurance events. This represents hope, inspiration, winning the moment and picking each other up. Throughout the race many of us runners assisted people who had disabilities including strokes, blindness, deafness, autism, and learning impediments. Guiding them to complete the event in a safe manner.

The amount of stories from the people at this race were incredible. One person had a traumatic brain injury 10 years ago. Rehabbed his way back to walking but is still recovering as he has dizziness and vertigo issues that are still present. He was inspired by other runners in this race who were in much worse shape then he was yet still completed the races. He was motivated by his family and loved ones to be there for them and continue to push and not give up on his health entirely. This same person ran 22 miles the day before this 5k race. AMAZING! 

Take a moment everyday to be grateful for what you have, movement is not just exercise, it is a way of life that can be taken from us at any moment. Even when it’s taken away there are amazing people, communities and social groups around the world who are there with helping hands to pick us up.

ProMet extends this event to all of YOU!  Everyone who reads this please participate in any of these events in the future! Walk, jog, run, cycle, side step, retro walk…Meet all these amazing people who are getting after it with no excuses and can certainly inspire all of us to be better each and every day. We owe it of course to ourselves, but definitely to our community. 

Remember that personal excellence is the ultimate standard to see improvements around us!

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