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At ProMet PT we strive on delivering an experience like no other, from the moment you call us to when you leave our clinic you will feel listened to and heard.

Aside from coming into the clinic and practicing quality movement we want to create movement habits that last a lifetime. That’s where our exercise library comes in.

If you have been to one of our clinics either in Manhasset, Glendale, or Kew Gardens (soon to be Queens Boulevard) you’ll notice how laser focused we are on the small things. Proper positioning, form, feeling the muscle you’re supposed to feel and making sure that you can EXHALE in these positions. This requires a ton of practice in areas like coordination, balance and strength.

The movements we discuss in the clinic and the awareness required takes practice over months and even years to master. I, Myself have been practicing this for 4+ years and it took all that time to perfect my awareness and improve my movement quality to keep me healthy.

If we don’t monitor our joint health or worse, we try to strength train, run, perform any activity without considering joint health as a priority we will eventually lose both. This is the essence of LONGEVITY and wellness for our future.

 How can we work on this?

Our very own exercise library of highly detailed explanations broken down into categories (shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, breathing etc.. ) helps us get more practice in on our own to develop these habits.

Some patients have called this the missing link into their care as they have access to the words we use, explanations and demos that we use in the clinic.

Over 70 million people suffer with chronic pain and have tried endless therapies, injections, modalities that have caused more stress and left patients feeling dismissed.

The detail in these videos will not only help you move but will help you understand why you are doing this and work to get to the root cause of the issue!

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