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New Years Edition: Hit your check points!

Physical Therapy

Let’s welcome in 2023 another year around the sun, let’s take a moment to be grateful for the moments we have and the moments that will be coming.

Before we jump into that new zumba class, yoga class, crossfit or gym membership let’s remember that we don’t want to repeat this “new year, new me” process every year. 

Usually, people jump into a class or a membership somewhere every day for the first week after not doing anything for the past several months and they get an overuse injury. This leads to discouragement and decreased motivation to keep going. Life goes on and then we tell ourselves that I’ll start this summer, this fall, this winter and finally I’ll wait for the NEW YEARS.

There are 2 voices sitting on each and every decision we make, we have the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other shoulder. The devil is saying “you worked hard today, take the day off, will start tomorrow…” This exact scenario is the trigger to do the complete opposite and get going! It doesn’t have to be a 45 min step class, it doesn’t have to be a heavy squat day, it can simply be a walk with the family.

The goal is to be independent and be able to partake in activities that make you happy for as long as you can! Realize the conversations you have with yourself every day. AWARENESS of what you are telling yourself and questioning that maybe you are where you are because you have been listening to the wrong conversation!

With that being said before we start anything I want you to go through these “checkpoints” before anything and challenge yourself to see if you can hold these positions. This will be a great indicator of what can come next! 

1st checkpoint:

Single-leg bridge hold

Threshold: 1 minute hold at top completed 3 times

2nd checkpoint:

Side plank with hip abduction

Threshold: 1 minute hold completed 3 times

3rd Checkpoint:

Step down

Threshold to hit: 12 reps on each side 3 sets


These 3 exercises represent a solid foundation to move onto the class or membership of choice! If you need help with these or feel you could do better please call us at 718 554 6610 for any elevations that can be done at Glendale, Briarwood or Manhasset. Let’s make this the year for steady consistent progress to be the best version of yourself possible.


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