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Kinesio Taping During Pregnancy

Physical Therapy

Where have you seen this tape before? On a professional athlete’s shoulder, knee or ankle perhaps? Maybe across the low back of a friend suffering from pain and poor posture? Well, while this elastic and therapeutic tape is great for high-level athletes and everyday life athletes alike, this tape can be beneficial during pregnancy as well!

woman pregnant with blue kinisio tape
pregnant with Kinesio tape


What are the functions of Kinesio Tape (KT)? 

KT is most often seen used by athletes to support muscles, joints, and ligaments that need some additional reinforcement. However, there’s more to this tape than you’d think! Here are a few of its functions:

  • Lifts the skin, promoting increased blood circulation while relieving pressure on pain receptors beneath the surface
  • Provides proprioceptive stability (meaning it educates your neuromuscular system to have stability) when applied to muscles surrounding the target area
  • Distributes heavy forces to other areas of the body
  • Improves lymphatic drainage and reduces inflammation/swelling

When applied correctly, KT can have immediate and lasting effects for 3 to 5 days per use.

Why would I use KT during Pregnancy? 

There are many symptoms that come with being pregnant, some of which include low back pain, pelvic girdle pain, swollen feet, and other general aches. Taping can be a drug-free, safe, and effective treatment for any of these symptoms.

KT can be placed across your low back to help provide stability and reduce pain by relieving the pressure from the weight of your growing bundle of joy. It can also be placed surrounding your belly (as seen in the photos above) to help distribute weight elsewhere and reduce discomfort. If you suffer from swollen ankles, KT can also be used in the region to promote circulation and decrease inflammation.

How can I get started?

It’s important to remember that while the use of KT has its benefits, there is nothing more advantageous to PREVENTING or addressing your aches and pains than remaining active with the right exercises.

Here at ProMet PT, our skilled Physical Therapists can decide if KT is appropriate for you. If it is, they are experienced in utilizing KT in combination with creating exercise programs that are tailored specifically towards you and your needs.

There are so many changes occurring in your body when you are pregnant and as a result there are special precautions to be aware of before beginning to exercise. Our Physical Therapists are aware of all these precautions and can help you to maintain a happy and healthy pregnancy!

If you interested in learning more, please come into our Glendale, Kew Gardens or Manhasset office today!!

Katie Gili, DPT

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