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It’s Not WHAT you do, It’s HOW you do it

Physical Therapy

At ProMet Physical Therapy we pay attention to the details and want to make sure that from day 1 you are making good use of your time. Your time is valuable and your body… Pretty important as well.


Whether its exercise, rehab, sporting activities, dancing, yoga, or whatever hobby you choose, our goal at ProMet is to make sure you can do that hobby for the long term. We want the best for you currently and for the future. Having a good mindset in the present moment about how you are going about your fitness versus just completing it will spill over into your future.


Most times we are focused on completing the activity without thinking about how we are moving, what muscles are working? Does it look right? Do I feel it is in the right areas? Most people who come in to see us just complete 3 sets of 10 and get out of the gym, or complete that 3 mile run and move on to the next. Unfortunately, this does not last long and patients wish that they should’ve done this earlier 100% of the time.


What our goal here is to bring purposeful movement into your life so that you can continually remain healthy and be consistent in your fitness and wellness life for years to come. If we just continue on being in and out of the gym or just running without proper programming we can be missing a huge opportunity to prevent future stressors from happening.


For instance, let’s look at running or even walking. When we are in this activity most people think “I want to walk 45 minutes, I want to run 3 miles, I want to walk 2 blocks”. This is all good, however, we need to make sure that if we are going to take 10,000 steps a day we want to make sure that we aren’t adding additional stress to any one of the joints.


Now, we don’t expect you to be an expert in HOW you are moving. That’s where the ProMet movement experts come into play. Not everyone is a physical therapist and understands the body as we do. So let’s put the how back into movement and help you start seeing the body and your wellness differently. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. Thinking with an open mind, thinking differently has led to some miraculous outcomes that we see on a daily basis. When building a house we wouldn’t just put some plywood together and snap some fingers to make everything stick. We need a plan, a team approach, a solid foundation to build off of so nothing can come crashing down.


Let’s put you back in the driver’s seat and bring some awareness to your movement so you can continue to do what you love for however long you want to! Knowledge is power.


Antonio Colletti, PT, DPT, CSCS

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