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Is This The Most Effective Route?

Primary Care

Research on pain, injuries and movement dysfunctions show that the most important factor in eliminating the cause of the problem is TIMING.

Let me tell you a story you might’ve read, before…

You have a nagging pain in your back.  You make an appointment with your doctor and then wait….time goes by…the time it takes to see your doctor to get a referral, the time to see the specialist, the running to CVS for medications, the waiting for MRI and X-ray results and then you hear “let’s try Physical Therapy”…weeks or even months later.

 Is This The Most Effective Route?

The time has come to TURN the page of this book and put it to REST. 

Research on pain, injuries and movement dysfunctions show that the most important factor in eliminating the cause of the problem is TIMING.   Moving- early and often– after an injury has a TREMENDOUS impact on the long-term effects the injury may have on our lives.

Years ago the job of a Doctor was to prevent you from having to see more Doctors!

Now it seems like we run from one office to the next for “answers” to tests.

With a decrease in utility and function of the family physicians and general practitioners, the system is now overrun by specialists- each with their own areas of expertise.

It is easy to get lost in this vast, sea of specialists- even with their high level of expertise- what happened to time being of the essence?

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy at ProMet are here to help you get your time back! 

Our Services

Physical Therapists Have Direct Access in NY !

DIRECT ACCESS which means that people can see one of our therapists DIRECTLY (by law) without requiring a prescription from a Physician!

~ By the way, the United States ARMY has utilized this model for years~

 Men and women of the armed forces who are injured see a physical therapist FIRST and it has proven its value with evidence- the system has proven to be effective and saves valuable military time!  Evidence shows that within the first year of implementing Physical Therapists as a Primary Care Providers in the department of defense, the number of MRIs performed dropped approximately 40%, and time lost at work sunk to a whopping 94%.

With Clinical Doctorates (just like chiropractors have) physical therapists are trained to spot red flags, ensuring with accuracy that our patient’s condition is in fact, of true musculoskeletal origin and not of a more serious, pathological source.

Physical Therapists undergo more hours of training in musculoskeletal management than any other profession and therefore should be considered the Gatekeepers of Musculoskeletal Care.

Through extensive research and experience, Physical Therapy has proven itself to be effective in treating the cause of a plethora of common conditions, therefore reducing the need for expensive testing and unnecessary surgery, all the while eliminating the endless hours of waiting time.

We are Primary Care Clinicians!  

If you value your time and health, aspire to eliminate the long term impact that pain can have on your life, then call the new wave of Primary Care Clinicians- the pioneers who deliver excellence in all they do and with everyone they meet.

Call (718) 554-6610

ProMet Physical Therapy mission is to inspire you to achieve your full potential.

The next time you have pain, before you pick up that old book, change the story- Make ProMet Physical Therapy your first option.

We are writing a new chapter in healthcare and our story begins with YOU!


Mcgill T. Effectiveness of physical therapists serving as primary care musculoskeletal providers as compared to family practice providers in a deployed combat location: a retrospective medical chart review. Mil Med. 2013;178(10):1115-20.

Murphy BP, Greathouse D, Matsui I. Primary care physical therapy practice models. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2005;35(11):699-707.

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