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How to Structure the Best Home Exercise Program

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Really simple :

  1. Choose an activity that will bring you to a “Huff and Puff”
  2. Clear clutter
  3. Fun/Motivating
  4. Consistent

Choose an activity based on something that is challenging to you. An activity that you probably
NEED to do based on lifestyle habits or occupation.  IF you think about something that you need
to work on.

FOR instance…

Balance training, Retro Walk Backwards Up the Stairs, Air Squats, Breathing, Bear Crawl, Grip
Strength squeeze a tennis ball etc.

  • It’s about connecting with yourself and with breathing to bring awareness to the

Clear the clutter to present an atmosphere ready to conquer.

  • When you are in your “space” to move around you can get creative with your

When you are allocating time for physical activity not only are you motivating
yourself, but you are HELPING so many more around you.

  • You are taking the initiative, the upper hand to modify your routines and daily

Consistency: the key.

“What you do daily determines your health, eventually…”

Once you build a little momentum it becomes like brushing your teeth! It could be for 30
seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes doesn’t matter. The point is you created
a space and time to better yourself and take responsibility for your health. By some breath work
for even 30 seconds can be a wonder to your day.

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