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Get A Grip…On Grip Strength!

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Get A Grip…On Grip Strength! 

What is grip strength & how is it measured?

Grip strength is how firmly and securely you can hold onto things, and how heavy the things you can grip are. Grip strength is measured by using a tool called a “handheld dynamometer” and is recorded in pounds. 

  • The Dynamometer is held in one hand at a time and the handle is squeezed to the best of your ability. As the handle is squeezed the needle on the dial will ascend to the number of pounds that you can grip. Your clinician will usually take an average of 3 squeezes on each hand. 

What is normal grip strength? 

Normal grip strength varies depending on your age and sex. The following chart demonstrates average values. 

(assuming that the right hand is the person’s dominant hand)

Why is it important to improve grip strength? 

Good grip strength will help you:

  • Carry heavy bags of groceries 
  • Open tight new jars 
  • Shovel piles of snow in the winter
  • Lift heavier weights in the gym 
  • Perform a better pull-up
  • Perform better in a sport such as hockey, golf, or tennis for example

Grip strength has proven to be a strong indicator of your overall muscle strength and endurance!

How can you begin to improve your grip? 

At ProMet PT, one of our licensed Physical Therapists can measure and assess your grip strength. We can teach you about all the different types of grip (power vs pincher vs hook) and what you can be doing to work on increasing your strength. Come to one of our Glendale, Briarwood or Manhasset locations today and learn more! 

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