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Efforts vs. Results


There is a huge misunderstanding regarding the role physical therapy plays in  healthcare.

Some view our profession as a group of exercises intended to solve a problem.

Large corporate physical therapy centers and the abundance of hospital outpatient  rehab facilities spread this misconception even further.

Maybe they’re just too big to control the quality of care and the culture of these  organizations produce mediocre care, at best.

How can your efforts produce results if you don’t understand their purpose?

ProMet Physical Therapy is breaking the mold and leading the way in our  profession.

With a culture of compassion, combined with clinical excellence, we listen to our  patients and design treatment programs catered to each, unique individual.

Physical Therapy is not just a bunch of exercises.

While our Doctors of Physical Therapy are some of the best and brightest when it  comes to exercise prescription, they work hard so that you understand the purpose  of each activity to ensure that you get the results you work so hard for!

Take the ProMet path to recovery and start getting results, today!


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