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Core Strength and Baseball Players

Baseball, softball

With the high school baseball and softball seasons starting up sooner than expected here in New York, and summer travel teams organizing their respective schedules for the upcoming months, we have to ensure that our athletes are as prepared as they can be to endure their first full spring, summer, and fall of competitive games.

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The fields of rehabilitation and strength and conditioning have significantly progressed over the past decade and we’re seeing the benefit of treating and conditioning the athlete versus focusing on a singular body part in preparation for their respective sport and position.

A common theme we have seen with our baseball and softball players across all age groups, especially up to college-aged players, is a lack of core stability and spinal and lower body mobility.

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Improving these aspects of body awareness and control in addition to focusing on the strength and mobility of their throwing arm, can not only enhance their performance on the field but may also help prevent shoulder and/or elbow injuries.

Our goal at ProMet, Top Rated Physical Therapy Center is to individualize rehabilitation and training programs that suit the requirement of each athlete’s specific needs. Reach out to one of our facilities in Glendale, Kew Gardens, or Manhasset to get moving optimally to ensure you have a successful season.

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