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Super-Bowl Champion Coach, Vince Lombardi, when asked about excellence once said, “Perfection is unattainable but if you chase perfection, you just might catch excellence”

Webster delineates excellence as the pursuit of being excellent.

Defining excellence is fleeting.
But how can you chase something you can’t measure?

More importantly, only that which is measured can get better, right?

We at ProMet Physical Therapy define clinical excellence as the ability to
consistently deliver the quality of care our communities need and get the best
results, period.

Our pursuit of excellence calls us to be leaders of our profession to ensure that the field of physical therapy keeps up with the demands of our communities-
redefining the status quo.

The recently created, ProMet Physical Therapy, Clinical Development
Department does just that!

The Clinical Development Department provides structure to and serves as the
driving force behind our mission to provide the ultimate physical therapy
experience- consistent RESULTS!

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk- and now we can measure it.

The Clinical Development Department is just another step in our pursuit of
excellence in everything we do and with everyone we meet in our quest to be the best!

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