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Bullet Proof Your Hamstrings!

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Bullet Proof Your Hamstrings!

Not being able to stay active due to hamstring pain is the worst! When it comes down to the hamstrings understanding how to sequence specific exercises and what muscles to target is huge for the health and longevity of our life.

When the hammy’s are injured it can make the gym time, sports training or simply walking feel incredibly stressful. The hamstrings play a vital role in all activities of daily life. Getting up from a chair or throwing a baseball all require energy from the hamstrings through the core and finally to complete the task.

When training we have to look at 3 types of contractions.

Isometric, Concentric and Eccentric.

The most important part is building your foundation. That’s why after an injury or and irritation to the hamstrings in the back of the thigh the best thing to do is to start with an isometric contraction. This will help ease the pain, build muscle strength back and help you stay active.

Early after an injury, the muscle reflexively becomes weaker and tighter. Therefore, building our baseline and holding isometric contractions is an effective strategy to target your healing process. Building our hamstring capacity takes time and learning how to use eccentric and concentric contractions will make the difference in the long run. Lets not forget keeping our core engaged and practicing deep breathing exercises to assist in our recovery.

P.S. Are you struggling to get positive results after a hamstring issue? Do you have trouble knowing how to sequence certain exercises and what muscles to target? Let me help you fix that!

Let’s train together and show you how your muscles were meant to be trained and see your results skyrocket. Understanding the concepts on how to sequence exercises and why it is important to target specific weaknesses are crucial to your growth and longevity!

If you are struggling with hip or knee pain, tightness or discomfort visit us at our locations in Glendale (Atlas Mall in Queens New York), Manhasset (next to North Shore University Hospital) and Kew Gardens. Here we will work on gradually and systematically preparing your body for the things you enjoy and love to do. Increasing performance, health, wellness, movement, pain reduction all takes incredible preparation to full return to any activity you choose. WE at ProMet teach concepts so that you walk away knowing YOU have the power to self heal.

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