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Biohacking : How old do you want to live to be?


A hot term around the community is this term “biohacking”. Recently patients and clients are seeing this term around the internet and the burning desire to know what it really is. A man named Sergey Young did a Ted Talk and reported that when asked if you would want to expand your life. Nearly 70% of people answered NO. We have always wanted to live longer but first we need to find a life worth living. Create a life worth living for. Find meaning, purpose so we can invigorate people with our energies. Instead of the old concept. “wear and tear” let’s move to WEAR & REPAIR

Are you a biohacker?

Biohacks are any specific activities that enhance your abilities, specific skills, overall health, well-being or longevity. Exercise, diet, nutrition can be considered a biohack. With little investment, biohacks produce big increases in well-being. Biohacking is mimicking a natural environment in an unnatural world (ie concrete jungle, cities, apartments).

The ProMet BioHack Menu

  • Awareness
  • Diet
  • Exercises/flexibility
  • manipulation/ joint mobilizations
  • Electric Stim
  • Ultrasound
  • Fascial therapy
  • Taping
  • Cupping
  • Voodo bands for BFR
  • Instrument assisted soft tissue massage
  • Infrared Sauna: Heat shock proteins for improving health
  • Cryotherapy
  • Google Cardboard Virtual Reality

Free Biohacks for the Mind

  • Gratefulness
  • Self-awareness we are here right now!
  • Scribe and write: sit for 10 minutes write whatever comes to mind. Just download what comes out. Then rip that paper up. Good Strategy for chronic pain.
  • CEO of your own life: Not reacting to poor health instead do something, Don’t be a victim don’t blame others. Control what you can control.

Free Biohacks: NATURE

  • Sunlight: In the morning, knowing that the sun is up, look at the sun to stimulate receptors in eyes that make changes within the hormonal system that help us become alert for the day setting that cycle.
  • Walking and grounding. Walking outside is great but barefoot is even better due to the Tesla concept that the earth has an electrical charge that we should ground to.
  • Hike
  • Brief extreme cold and heat exposure

Free Biohacks: Necessities

  • Breath
  • Sleep
  • Hydration nutrition
  • Chew food slower
  • Touch hugs kisses. Social relationships: protective of memory and less brain decline
  • Determine, plan, assess, evaluate, ponder Be CURIOUS

Free biohacks to level up!

  • Track with watches, rings, whoops
  • Read: books, articles, research
  • Listen: podcasts

All the above work synergistically to check off all aspects of our life: The physical body, the mind/spirt, nature, self-improvement. All which drive purpose and meaning into our life which is more important to make our life worth living!

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