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Amazon packages? The 5 L’s of Lifting during the holiday season


Tis’ the season! Quickly we enter December and the Holidays are upon us. “Honey, I’ll get the Christmas tree from the garage” turns into boxes and boxes of decorations, ornaments, lights and blowing up an inflatable reindeer. Woohoo! (Leg Day)

As this special time of the year approaches, so does our attention. Where our attention flows our time goes. So let’s be mindful this season that when it comes to our physical activity so we are thawed, untangled and PREPPED.

We know that Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the New Year and all other holidays are largely spent shopping at the grocery store, malls, convenient stores, TJ MAXX and MARSHALLs (just FYI). Not to mention the Amazon boxes you have been collecting at the doorstep (probably on a daily basis).

The 5 L’s of Lifting

Load: First get an idea of what you’re about to lift. Whether you know it’s 15-20 lbs or not just make sure and give it a nudge with your foot to make sure you estimated correctly!

Lever: the closer the object to your body (center of mass) the less stress the object will be on the body. Give it a big OL’ HUG.

Lordosis: This refers to keeping a neutral spine. Make sure you are educated on how to create a stable foundation at your core and rib cage for a prepared abdominal cavity.

Have a Physical Therapist guide you in proper rib cage and pelvic position as well as creating a stable core foundation .

Legs: This is one we all know yet ignore. The legs house our largest muscles in the human body. We need to use them more. Most efficiently done when you use the squat pattern which will help you drive through the floor with a neutral back.

Lungs: Special emphasis to exhale as you are standing up with the object. Inhale and exhale throughout the movements multiple times. Imagine not holding your breath and actually letting off some steam! Literally and figuratively!


Let’s face it, whether we’re indoors or outdoors, there’s always an opportunity where we will squat. The road to a healthier, higher quality of life starts now, not tomorrow. The above 5 are tools leading you to your next task feeling strong and as best prepared. Getting the house decorated, meals cooked, moves to be made are not going to magically appear, as work will have to be done.

To lift an object is one thing but putting a purpose behind the lift and delivering on that purpose day by day can pay dividends year after year.

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