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Adding Value


We all expect our physicians and clinicians to be wise and generous, adding value to our lives.

When we visit them with an injury, we presume they will tell us WHAT to do?

They almost always oblige- giving you a test, a pill, an injection, an exercise or
even a surgical procedure intended to help you with your pain.

More often than not, today’s medicine seems like trial an error and YOU the
patient, are the experiment.

We have a better way!

Rather than just giving you solutions to your problems, the Doctors of Physical
Therapy at ProMet are dedicated to adding value to your life.

In our version of healthcare, we put purpose back into treatments, shifting the
power back into the hands of the patient and ultimately saving our communities from pointless doctor visits and unnecessary procedures.

We LISTEN to our patients, get to know them, understand how they perceive their injury or pain and design treatment programs based on their specific needs- we get to the source of the problem.

Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens.


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