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3 Guides for Impactful Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Long-term health requires putting the body under an appropriate amount of stress, then allowing it time to recover. The principles of expectation, intention and attention all work together to make for a well-rounded experience in Physical Therapy.

Here’s how…

Expectation: Expectation involves having a strong and steadfast belief in a result you want to see happen. Here are some examples of how you can set expectations in Physical Therapy:

  • Establish your expectations by asking yourself what you believe Physical Therapy is and what you need to achieve your goals.
  • Make your experience a “Patient or client-centric approach” by working with skilled professionals such as those at ProMet Physical Therapy where you can expect to be listened to and heard.
  • Communicate your beliefs to your Physical Therapist so that you use your thoughts, words, and beliefs to make the world in your mind a reality.
  • Become the change you want to see by truly believing in lifestyle factors, exercising proper communication skills, humanizing every interaction, and physically challenging yourself.

Intention: Setting your intentions means establishing an “aim” or a “plan of care”. Here is how a  Physical Therapist at ProMet PT—whether you’re at our Glendale, Kew Gardens, or Manhasset locations—can help you set your intentions:

  • A PT will help you develop a structured plan, detailing the value that will help you reach challenging goals.
  • A PT teaches you that rehabilitation is to show a patient or client what they can do for themselves.
  • A PT makes your health a PRIORITY by teaching you how to take action. “Today I will…”
  • A PT reinforces the fact that if you set out with the intention of improving your quality you’ll be better focused to do so. This is the hope that cheers PTs on and allows us to experience what we desire
  • At ProMet we coach towards self-management!

Attention: Paying attention to your recovery plan means taking action on short-term goals. Here are some ways you can give your physical therapy the attention it is due:

  • Pay attention to the plan of care as it relates to the present moment. This may include keeping up with your home exercise program (HEP), going for walks, and gradually monitoring how often you are sitting or being sedentary.
  • Choose a Physical Therapist who continually listens to your needs and reassesses with specific tests and measures to make sure you’re on track.
  • Listen to your body. Educating beyond words using active learning approaches such as exercise therapy and healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Take an ACTIVE role in the process by taking mental notes/journaling your day to day thoughts, feelings, aches, accomplishments, range of motion or something that you feel is better than previous. Small wins help shape the future!

These three guides work in unity and need to be in balance for optimal progress. If we expect results we can’t have good intentions without the continual attention to our day-to-day tasks.

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