NYC Physical Therapy

NYC Physical Therapy is instrumental in helping people get back to their best selves after an injury, overtraining, surgery, or other ailments. The team at ProMet PT is here to help with customized therapy plans that address your unique needs. We listen carefully to what’s going on, assess your situation, and collaborate with you to empower you to get back to your usual routine. We also partner with athletes to help restore their peak performance and optimize their chosen career path.

If you’ve never gone through the physical therapy process before, here’s what to expect and how we can help you along the road to a full recovery. 

Types of Physical Therapy

Sciatic NerveEvery patient is unique and so are our customized treatment plans. We tailor our approach to meet your individual needs, including:

Cupping Therapies

Cupping therapy is not a new treatment and dates all the way back to ancient Chinese traditions. With the help of therapeutic cups, our team uses a strategic and powerful suction technique to relieve issues, including pain and inflammation. Our team may recommend it if you’re suffering from tightness and issues in your legs or back. If you’re an athlete, it may help with the symptoms and fatigue related to overtraining.

Kinseo Taping

Therapeutic tape, like Kinseo taping, is a non-invasive approach to supplementing your body’s natural healing process. It also won’t limit your movement, even if you’re an athlete in training, and can help distribute force to nearby areas.

NormaTec Recovery System

If you’re exploring NYC Physical Therapy, our physical therapists may recommend the NormaTec Recovery System. It combines compression devices with mobilization to help move fluids and toxins. Our goal is to help reduce inflammation and ease your pain for a full recovery.

What Issues Can Physical Therapy Help?

The physical therapists at ProMet PT select different methodologies to tailor a plan that treats the root of your injury or ailment instead of just your symptoms. Our goal is to help you recover while easing your pain and preventing injuries from happening again. Here are some of the issues we treat at our clinics and how we help our patients.

Athletic Injuries

ProMet PT works with budding and professional athletes to meet their athletic goals. We can help with persistent injuries, deep fatigue, and mindset issues that keep you from performing at your very best. We also address over-training injuries that range from sprains to ligament tears.

Our physical therapists work with boxers throughout New York City and the tristate area. Our signature “Knock Your Lights Out Program” tailors a physical therapy plan to help the unique injuries of boxers. For example, more than 90% of fighters we see experience some form of acute injury, body fatigue, mental fatigue, or decreased performance due to overtraining. We’re invested in your future success and address everything from soft tissue injuries to myofascial release, functional mobility training, and more.

Neurological Issues

When you’re suffering from a neurological disorder, it quickly compromises your confidence and ability to stay independent and enjoy your daily routine. Our NYC Physical Therapy treatment plans address different conditions, including post-stroke rehabilitation and spinal cord injuries. We help with issues, including gait training, to help restore your balance and mobility while reducing pain. 

Chronic Pain Therapy

Dealing with chronic pain can make even the simplest tasks more challenging. There’s no need to suffer through it alone. You need a customized approach to your care to help improve your quality of life and reduce pain. We explore the best methodologies for your situation to help treat your symptoms.

Geriatric Support

If you’re an older adult, you know that the risk of falls and injuries can derail you from living your best life. Chronic pain and injuries can lead to maladaptive habits, from poor posture to walking. Over time, the issues can compound themselves and lead to new issues and conditions. Our NYC physical therapy programs help you get back on track to optimize your daily life and stay as independent as possible.

Orthopedic Challenges

Are you struggling with osteoarthritis, tendonitis, or scoliosis? Orthopedic challenges can be painful and debilitating to deal with. Our NYC physical therapy tailors plans to your specific needs. We know that every condition and patient is unique, and we focus on methodologies that work for your specific condition and temperament to restore your independence.

Next Steps

NYC physical therapy can dramatically improve your life after surgery, an injury, overtraining, or other medical issues. The ProMet Physical Therapy team offers a unique style with a common focus on YOU. In order to aid you in healing your body and mind as a whole rather than just the area affected by an injury, our treatment plans take into account every aspect of your condition, life, and goals. Ready to take control of your recovery with NYC physical therapy? Call us at (718)880-2385 or request an appointment here.

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