NormaTec Therapy

If you’re exploring NormaTec therapy for its therapeutic properties, turn to the team at ProMet PT. We use a variety of therapies to help you heal, restore your energy, overcome chronic pain, and get back to your best self. Depending on your condition, we may recommend NormaTecfor its dynamic compression properties. The treatment uses specialty attachments to apply pneumatic pressure to specific areas of your body. Not sure if NormaTec therapy is right for you? Learn more about how it works and the services at ProMet PT.

What Is NormaTec Therapy?

Image of patients at a clinic to convey the benefits of NormaTec Therapy - ProMet PTThe NormaTec therapy uses a combination of boots, sleeves, and other devices to apply therapeutic pressure to treat various parts of the body. The goal is to help your muscles naturally pump to facilitate circulation. NormaTec’s Sequential Pulse Technology relies on compression to follow a specific sequence along your limbs to optimize blood flow and improve your lymphatic drainage. The technology ultimately boosts the removal of waste from your muscles to help enhance your athletic performance, reduce pain, and so much more.

How Long a Does NormaTec Treatment Last?

We customize every one of our ProMet PT therapies to meet the unique needs of our patients. Your plan may look different than someone else, however, a NormaTec treatment usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes. We work with you to help optimize your session length to address your condition. We may also recommend other therapies in conjunction with NormaTec to help you get back on the path to your best self.

Dnice 2validDnice 2valid
21:42 01 May 23
I came here after my surgery for my lateral meniscus. I worked with Antiono. He and everyone else helped recover very fast within 4 months got me playing ball again. The staff and the people here are very nice and make a positive atmosphere. Recommend here very much.
Anil RupnarainAnil Rupnarain
20:54 02 Apr 23
I’ve been a customer at Pro Met for over a year and I always have a great experience working with the professionals. The office staff is very friendly and they provide great service to their clients.I’ve worked with many therapists including Brian, Antonio, Michael, and Vikas. They have all helped me recover from any injury.ProMet is the place to be!! Thank you to everyone for all you do at the ProMet Team.
ericka brieericka brie
01:06 01 Apr 23
I've been going here since February, and my first visit went amazing, the front desk helped me schedule next apt's and once i went to the back I was instantly evaluate and started to work towards my recovery.Katie has been working with me to help me recover from my back injury & sciatica, and i've been seeing such great results since! Her and the staff who work on the 4-5 shift are awesome, and i'm so glad I came here to get the help I need!
Megan MillerMegan Miller
00:48 27 Mar 23
ProMet came highly referred to me and now I know why! I started working with them to heal an injury. Antonio was awesome and had me pain free and moving as I was prior to my injury. All of the staff is extremely attentive, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Everyone works as a team here. The hours are very flexible and scheduling was a breeze. The front desk staff make everything seamless! I continue to work with Brian through the BuildU program each week to meet my health and fitness goals. Brian is extremely knowledgeable, motivating, and keeps me on track. I haven't often been successful with workout regimens until I came to ProMet. In only a few months I have improved my fitness level beyond what I thought I was capable of. Brian makes my workouts fun yet challenging and tailors them to help me reach my fitness goals. I always leave ProMet feeling accomplished. Definitely recommend ProMet whether it is for rehabilitating an injury or personal fitness. I have been to other physical therapists and personal trainers in the past and no one else measures up to ProMet. Their staff and service is unmatched!
mark newlotsmark newlots
17:23 18 Mar 23
A real pleasure.All of Staff very pleasant& patient.Just had a Total Right Knee Replacement & they’re doing their utmost to get me on road to recovery.Katie Gili Physical Therapist is just Superb: Empathetic, Patient, Thorough..How can one not recommend them..

What Conditions Does NormaTec Treat?

We often recommend NormaTec to athletes experiencing muscle soreness, but it can also be used by a wide variety of patients. For example, it may be helpful for people with lymphedema and poor circulation issues. When your body is stimulated properly, it can also help with lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation and promote the elimination of metabolic waste. Our physical therapists work with you to find the right amount of pressure in your NormaTec therapy to ease your deep, chronic pain or empower your rehabilitation.

Is NormaTec Uncomfortable?

When NormaTec therapy is administered by a professional, it shouldn’t be so uncomfortable that you can’t relax. The sensation is more like a massage that helps release pressure in specific areas of your body. If you find that you’re sensitive to pressure, we’ll work with you and make adjustments for a more comfortable therapy session. No matter what’s going on, your ProMet PT physical therapist will customize your therapy to find the right solution for you.

Who Can Use NormaTec?

NormaTec therapy is a powerful and effective treatment methodology, but may not be the right course of action for you. If you have pre-existing conditions, such as artery disease or deep vein thrombosis, NormaTec may not be appropriate. Instead, we may recommend a different therapy to get you on the path to healing and recovery. No matter where you receive your NormaTed therapy, make sure to disclose any pre-existing conditions and issues to ensure you receive the right treatment plan for you.

In some situations, we may suggest NormaTec in combination with other therapies. For example, we often recommend our Knock Your Lights Out program to boxers recovering from injuries and deep fatigue. From IASTM treatment to wellness training, we offer a range of proven treatments to help you get back to your best self. Contact us today to schedule an assessment.

What is NormaTec’s History?

NormaTec therapy was first founded by Dr. Laura F. Jacobs, a rehabilitation specialist and doctor. Jacobs wanted to explore treatment options for patients with circulatory-related conditions and saw a need in the market. The company first launched to help patients enhance blood flow and find new ways to heal. NormaTec eventually expanded into the athletic world and is now renowned among athletes looking to enhance performance while reducing recovery time. You can find NormaTec used in all types of settings, from sports clinics to more traditional medical settings.

Next Steps

NormaTec therapy is well-suited for muscle soreness, lymphatic drainage, flexibility issues, and so much more. The ProMet Physical Therapy team offers a unique style with a common focus on YOU. In order to aid you in healing your body and mind as a whole rather than just the area affected by an injury, our treatment plans take into account every aspect of your condition, life, and goals. Ready to take control of your recovery with NormaTec therapy and our other customized therapy plans? Call us at (718) 880-2385 or request an appointment here.

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