Cupping Treatment Manhasset

If you’re considering Cupping Treatment Manhasset, you’re on the right track to create a foundation for your overall care. Cupping therapy could be an ideal choice to help enhance your recovery. Rooted in ancient Chinese medicine, cupping therapy can work in tandem with more modern and conventional treatments that’s customized to meet your needs. Cupping was even mentioned in one of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, the Ebers Papyrus.


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Cupping therapy is designed to address a variety of musculoskeletal issues and improve circulation to foster your healing journey. Learn more about how our cupping treatment Manhasset works and what to expect on your healing journey.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

Image of a physical therapists performing cupping treatment Queens NY - ProMet PTCupping therapy Manhasset uses specialized cups with a powerful suction. They’re placed strategically on specific points on your body to create a vacuum effect and draw up your skin and your superficial muscle layer. The impacted area is pulled upward into the cup for several minutes to help stimulate blood flow.

Cupping Therapy Treatments

The physical therapists at ProMet PT may recommend cupping therapy Manhasset to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation in your body. It can also help you find deeper levels of relaxation and relieve the symptoms of deep fatigue. It’s a common treatment for the neck and legs and we often recommend it to athletes and boxers. When used correctly, cupping can help drain excess body toxins and stimulate the peripheral nervous system.

Beyond muscle tightness and fatigue, cupping may also help with problematic scars, stretch marks, spider veins, and other skin issues. It promotes lymphatic circulation and offers both internal and external benefits. You may see a reduction in varicose veins.

Despite all of the therapeutic benefits, cupping is not an appropriate treatment for everyone. It can cause some skin irritation and bruising, and it shouldn’t be used if you suffer from skin ulcers or edema and are prone to bleeding easily. Talk openly with your ProMet PT therapist and disclose any supplements or medications you’re taking that could impact your reaction to cupping treatment Manhasset.

What Cupping Feels Like

Cupping can feel intense and uncomfortable but it should not be painful. You’ll feel pressure and may experience warmth radiating from the cupped areas. When your cupping session is complete, you may also feel some tenderness and soreness across the treatment area. Cupping is non-invasive and you should be able to move freely and get back to your day right away. You will likely have some lingering red circles from the suction but they will fade within a few days.

Get Treatment Customized to Your Needs

ProMet PT understands that each patient’s injuries, pain, and approach to recovery are unique and customizes our treatment plans accordingly. We may recommend cupping therapy Manhasset for muscle soreness, some injuries, circulation issues, inflammation, or a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. We have spent years studying and practicing treatment methodologies and are here to empower you to get re-discover your best self. We may recommend a mix of treatments designed to work together to get you back to your usual routine and peak performance.

Cupping Treatment Manhasset NYFor example, we may recommend a treatment such as the IASTM Technique to address soft tissue mobilization. It can help trigger the healing process to break down capillary beds. The results can introduce better blood flow and the nutrition you need to help heal the injured area. Our team has successfully treated sprains, arthritic joints, and painful tissues with the help of IASTM therapy.

Or we may suggest Kinesio Taping to supplement your body’s natural healing process. It allows full movement of the taped area while working to distribute absorbed force to nearby areas and help support your tissues. Similar to cupping, Kinesio Taping can also improve lymphatic drainage.

Next Steps

Cupping therapy Manhasset can dramatically improve your life after surgery, an injury, overtraining, or other medical issues. The ProMet Physical Therapy team offers a unique style with a common focus on YOU. In order to aid you in healing your body and mind as a whole rather than just the area affected by an injury, our treatment plans take into account every aspect of your condition, life, and goals. Ready to take control of your recovery with cupping therapy Manhasset? Call us at (718) 880-2385 or request an appointment here.

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