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Core Foundations

The ProMet Strength & Conditioning Program was developed by Top Sports Physical Therapists with cutting edge research.  You can guarantee yourself or your child will be entering a program unlike any other. You will begin a training program that has been part of the equation for countless college and professional level athletes for years.
In the Core Foundations Phase of the program, understanding the WHY behind what you are doing is vital.  At ProMet, we know that NO training program will succeed if you don’t understand the Core Foundations of what you are doing.

SMART Training vs Run Of The Mill Training

Utilizing techniques gained over the last 20+ years, we will create a program that will develop the necessary foundation to build upon.  A training program that utilizes a foundational scope without a cookie cutter design will outperform any of its competition!

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Strength & Power

In this phase, we begin building muscular strength and enhancing structural integrity.  Utilizing effective programming techniques for each individual to track progress,  we target muscular strength through tri-planar movements.

 Force x Velocity = POWER 

This phase trains strength, power, and stability through its cycle.  You will begin to understand proper form through lifting movements that will transition to sports performance.  To maximize your gains and understanding, each movement is explained and tailored to your sport or goal. At ProMet, we strive to teach what we know instead of just doing what we know.

Once Strength and Power is an improvement and understood we then focus on specifics of sports performance.

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Sports Performance

The purpose of this last phase is to get you to compete at the highest level of performance, stressing your kinetic engine through all angles. We will fine tune your skills and load your system through proper foundations so you can perform at your maximal level.

Prevent Injury, Optimize Your Movement and Maximize Performance. 

All the stages prior to this prepared you in a way that now you understand aspects of human movement.  This will lead you to take charge of your training through training SMART. With training smart you will decrease your risk of injury and execute on a higher level.