Recovery Just Got Smarter.

Building Better Athletes from the Ground Up

Our elite team of physical therapists and strength & conditioning specialists are dedicated to helping our athletes understand the ‘WHY’ behind the foundational principles of their sport. Understanding HOW your body moves and being able to CONTROL those movements are vital to the success and performance of any athlete.

Improving muscular strength, speed and power output are key goals to effectively improve performance and recovery. The ProMet Performance & Recovery Program focuses on creating individualized programming through incorporation of periodization training, tri-planar movements and teaching optimal mechanics to allow our athletes to reach and exceed their performance goals while staying injury free.

The ProMet Performance & Recovery Program was designed with the athlete in mind.  At ProMet, we strive to deliver the Ultimate Experience for all athletes of all sports backgrounds, performance levels and aspirations.

Train Hard. Recover Harder.

What Is The Most Overlooked Factor of Performance Training?  RECOVERY.

We pride ourselves in not only pushing our athletes to new limits, but also facilitating the recovery process to continue to perform at their optimal level. Every top level athlete understands that recovery is essential to improving their level of performance but not every athlete has access to the top level trainers, physical therapists and massage therapists… until NOW!

Our athletes’ recovery is achieved through skilled myofascial techniques [sports massage, IASTM (Instrument Aided Soft Tissue Mobilization), joint mobilization], mobility drills and breathing techniques. We individualize our training and recovery program for every individual athlete’s needs to optimize their human potential.

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