At ProMet we know that NO athlete is alike & NO athlete should train the same way as everyone else.


  • With ProMet’s Sport Performance Training Program lead by leading Sports Physical Therapists you can guarantee yourself or your child will be entering a program unlike any other! 


  • Enter a Training Program that has been apart of the equation to countless College and Professional Level opportunities !




  • We know the human body better than just about anyone,  a training program should not simply be weight lifting or cardiovascular training or stretching, but rather a Customized and Specific Plan that will decrease chance of injury & overtraining while limiting risk of injury.


Here’s What You Can Expect With a ProMet Sport Performance Training Program

We will begin with a Total Body Assessment consisting of but not limited to:
  1.  Range of Motion through the Upper and Lower Extremity
  2. Core and Hip Stability and Power
  3. Postural Mechanics through the Spectrum
  4. Power and Strength Output through Functional Sports Assessments

  • After the Initial Assessment the PT and Athlete will develop, as a team, a Plan of Action to improve performance, mobility and strength.  Each visit we will progress and understand each specific drill to enhance the effectiveness of the training session and more importantly understand WHY we are doing what we are doing.

  • A home program will be discussed and developed to maintain and improve on the gains made during your sessions with us.  Within just a few sessions you will begin to notice significant improvements in your game and be motivated to become better and better each day.


You will be improving skills and drills in such a manner that even Professionals do not have the privilege of!