Dr. JP Pereira

Education: Ithaca College – Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree

Hometown: Forest Hills, Queens

Growing up in Forest Hills, Queens, Dr. Pereira was introduced to physical therapy after injuring his hamstring. He was frustrated with the experience, because the treatment was ineffective, and the therapist seemed preoccupied. Why? There were examples all-around society, at least from what he read and watched on the internet, of PTs working with athletes and doing great things for people. Starting as a PT Tech, he fell in love with the profession. He graduated from Touro University with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2023, fulfilling his lifelong dream.

Dr. Pereira is a major contributor to the positive change that ProMet is making in physical therapy- his treatment ideology lines up perfectly. He believes that we, as PTs, have such an amazing opportunity to contribute to people’s lives in a positive way and made it his lifelong purpose to always appreciate every opportunity he gets. Things like helping a patient overcome their chronic back pain, or a young athlete with a hamstring strain that just won’t go away, it’s the close experiences with the people that inspire him to keep moving forward!

Dr. Pereira comes to ProMet looking to utilize and expand his manual therapy skillset, continue his work with athletes, and master the profession gaining experience with the diverse people of our communities. He is a lifelong learner- working towards the Sports Clinical Specialist Certification (SCS)- has a passion for educating and is looking to create an environment at ProMet where both professional athletes and weekend warriors are treated alike!

You might find Dr. Pereira lifting heavy weights, weaving through traffic on his bike, reaching the summit after a long hike, or just throwing a football around, outside of the office. And to really fuel his creative side, JP utilizes his passion for house and techno music on the turntables.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” – Theodore Roosevelt

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