Dr. Aishwariya Kumar

Hometown: Mumbai, India
Graduate School: Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, India
Doctorate: Loma Linda University, California

After a childhood injury led her to her first experience with physical therapy, Dr, Kumar was exposed very early, to a side of medicine which focused significantly more on improving function rather than trying to mask the symptoms. She became intrigued, and this steered her to discovering more about how movement can be incorporated in various ways during the rehab process to both help alleviate pain and improve function.

Dr. Kumar has previous experience treating a wide variety of patients with varying conditions in the outpatient setting and has also worked in Home Care. While she enjoys working with patients in all settings, she found her way to ProMet Physical Therapy, where she can work with the diverse and active community of Glendale and provide them with the tools for them to reach their maximum potential.

Dr. Kumar believes that being able to connect and engage with everyone she meets, so that they may experience physical therapy in their own unique way, is the power that lies at the heart of our profession.

She is actively pursuing specializations in Pelvic Floor Rehab as well as certifications in Vestibular Therapy.

Outside of the office, Dr. Kumar enjoys travelling, being outdoors, and going on hikes. Ever since she moved to New York, she appreciates having small pockets of nature amidst the concrete jungle; so, you might find her reading a book in a park, somewhere in her new hometown of Brooklyn!

Ancora Imparo (I am still learning)“- Michelangelo

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