What our patients say about us…

ProMet is a fantastic facility and you couldn’t ask for a better staff to help you through your rehabilitation. The staff go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable and they really take their time with you during your session. They’re very attentive to your questions and feedback and I never felt that I wasn’t getting the most out of my session.

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Patrick K.

Amazing staff, amazing environment, and truly helpful in the recovery process. After 1 month since my ACL surgery, I’m amazed with the results and I’m hopeful to returning to my sport better than I was. All the therapists there are well knowledgeable and experienced, Brian and Antonio are truly some of the best to work with!

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Will A.

My objective was to regain the active lifestyle I had enjoyed pre-surgery and was very concerned that this may not be achievable. Together with the two doctors involved with my surgical and post-operative procedures, ProMet established an aggressive exercise program that incorporated muscle and ligament strengthening as well as ultrasound, massage therapy and electrical stimulation. ProMet also gave me “homework” exercises to include in my daily regimen. I credit ProMet and their rehabilitation processes for helping me achieve my objective.

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Rich P.

I have nothing but gratitude for all of the skills ProMet has taught me and all the “coach like” enthusiasm you infused me with.  It was incredible that you could give me “hope” when I didn’t have any and pretty much couldn’t accept yours.  But then, you were right!  Sometimes I DID need to just give it a rest!  And then sometimes, I JUST NEEDED TO PUSH THROUGH!  Basically, I’m doing well and I owe it to you.

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Joanne B.

I had a great time rehabbing and training with Ryan at ProMet. He showed me areas of my body that needed to be more mobility and strengthening. I learned how my arm and body is supposed to move when I throw and how the body can over compensate when you lack flexibility in certain areas. We did specific exercises that increased mobility in my arm and strengthened my core to increase my power to the plate. Ryan does not throw exercises together and lets you do it, He explains why we are doing each specific exercise and how it will benefit for you.

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Nick M.

ProMet is the best in the business! I’ve been going to them since I was playing baseball in high school and they have always gotten me back in the game with any setback I had. I’ve recently spent this summer training and working hard to rehab my shoulder with them, and I am looking forward to playing my senior year at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. There’s nobody else I trust more to take care of me then these guys!

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Chris P.

My name is Manuel Gonzalez and I am patient of ProMet physical therapy at the Kew Gardens location. I began treatment at ProMet in July 2017, after suffering a knee injury and undergoing surgery to repair the damage sustained to my meniscus. What’s more, I have struggled with scoliosis, drop foot and nerve damage to my lower extremities for 27 years of my life; resulting from a tumor in the lower lumbar region of the spine and a subsequent spinal cord injury, suffered at the tender age of 3 years old.

I am now 30 years old and seeking to regain as much independence and control over my life as possible. With the help of physical therapist Daniel Haufe and the ProMet team at the Kew Gardens location, I have been able to do just that! Before coming to Pro Met, I often struggled to get through my day, activities such as walking and standing seemed impossible. However, this is no longer the case.

Together, Daniel Haufe and the ProMet team have helped me set and achieve physical activity goals which have served as milestones during my recovery. Thus far, the results have been very encouraging.

I strongly recommend anyone in need of physical therapy to seek treatment at ProMet physical therapy. The team at the Kew Gardens location has put the “CARE” back into healthcare, which has made a world of difference during my recovery and has changed my life for the better.

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Manuel G.

The staff at the front desk are very pleasant and helpful. After working with Diego for the past two months on a number of issues, I am very satisfied with the progress I have made with his help. Diego is always very professional and has great communication skills. I would not hesitate to recommend this place to my friends and family should they need any type of physical therapy.

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Jill Q.

ProMet PT is a great place for physical therapy. The staff at the front desk is extremely helpful whether you are there or speaking to them on the phone. The PT staff if very professional, knowledgeable and listens very well. During my recovery they listened to my concerns and adjusted the PT for my needs. All of them Katie, Michael and Antonio were always available to speak to me and address any concerns I might have had. I previously had gone to another PT group and can tell you that ProMet PT staff if far superior in how they do things. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help. Their concern for you is for their first priority.

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Rita linda S.

I recently had an advanced arthroscopy on my right knee and came to ProMet to help me regain the strength in my leg.  Ryan has been a revelation from the physical therapists I had been to over the years.  He exudes the confidence that comes from someone with an extensive knowledge of anatomy, body mechanics and injury.  My knee feels better than it has in years thanks to him.  I feel very fortunate to have come to know this talented professional.

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Lucille K.

Having done physical therapy three times for sports related injuries, it is essential to find a person who delivers the therapy with a commitment and passion for both the physical recovery as well as the human recovery/person.  Therapy is supposed to be “taxing” and it can only be complete if the person(s) involved are motivated, and take ownership, in their respective responsibilities furthering to success.  I greatly appreciate your passion and commitment as it helped me gain success in my endeavor to recover.  ProMet’s patients are truly lucky to have you in a time of need.

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Ken K.

Where do I begin? I want to first say I have a torn meniscus. I have been coming to ProMet for about 12 sessions and it has been a fantastic experience. From when I walk into their establishment, Jessica and the others at the front desk greet you with a smile. Brian, Caddie and all the other PT aides do an amazing job at setting me up from the moment I walk through the door. Finally, and most importantly, the main reason why my rehab has been seamless is because of Ryan and Mike. These gentlemen are so knowledgeable with the anatomy of the body and innovative on the different exercises I receive every time. They make the experience comfortable, relaxing and to me, meditative. I am also learning about my body and tools to use presently and in the future. I highly recommend this establishment with the great staff within it!

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Rob G.

As a Pitcher for the Arizona League Royals, ProMet has helped to give me the tools I need before going out on the mound to make sure my body is going to be loose and injury free. A major issue I would have after pitching was a very sore back. Within a couple of weeks of going to ProMet I started feeling so much better after my pitching outings. This helped tremendously because I would also need to play the field when I finished pitching which was difficult to do with a sore back. Whether you are injured or want to get tuned up during the season. ProMet is without a doubt the place to go, you will not regret it!

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Charlie N.

When I chose ProMet for physical therapy I never realized I would be getting more than just a physical therapist. Ryan and his staff are beyond wonderful! The staff at the desk are great!

Ryan is the best PT I ever had and I have had many in my years. He is excellent in what he does, he is caring and takes time to explain everything you will be doing to make your situation better. They are always pleasant! Mike and Jason are the best addition to Ryan’s staff. If you choose ProMet you will not be disappointed!! They are always there to add new ways to help you on your way to recovery!

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Toni R.

I have been attending physical therapy sessions at the ProMet Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation facility for the past 6 months. I had reconstructive surgery and the exercises the hospital gave me weren’t cutting it. My rehab specialist is Dr. Mike, he is well rounded in his craft and he gave/showed me very useful and simple workouts that made my rehabilitation that much easier. I am truly thankful for everything that the good people at ProMet have done for me during my recovery. I couldn’t have imagined getting any better treatment anywhere else. The energy, the staff, the atmosphere, the equipment. They have all you need to make you whole again. #TeamProMet

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R. Morris.