Jordan Goris

Hometown : Jackson Heights, New York

Primary Office : Glendale, The Shops at Atlas

Jordan Goris, LMT acquired his degree in the Healing Arts at Queensborough Community College where he was introduced to philosophies rooted in Eastern medicine. These philosophies are what drew him towards the importance of the recovery process across all disciplines of wellness. He carries with him a background in athletics from an early age which spawned his interest in movement, focus and mindfulness; all aspects of life that are necessary for optimal functionality. He has experience working along-side Physical Therapists that were effective in treating post-operative patients as well as dysfunctional movement patterns exhibited in daily living.

Jordan’s scope of practice encompasses not only Eastern Disciplines such as Shaitsu, Acupressure and Swedish Massage, but also Western practice which involves the manipulation of tissue and blood circulation through profound reorientation of deep tissue work.

Now that the medical community is recognizing bodywork as an effective treatment for a whole range of ailments, including mental health, there is no better way to practice mindfulness than in a space that allows for holistic healing such as this one.

Jordan maintains his love and passion for movement by taking part in disciplines such as Thai Chi, Martial Arts and Basketball.