Recovery Just Got Smarter.

Knock Your Lights Out Recovery

Take the gloves off for one second and listen up…
At ProMet Physical Therapy and Performance our purpose is to educate, inspire and inform our boxers on
how to properly integrate the high intense training required to Become Elite with Optimized Recovery
needed to STAY Elite !

We all know that your recovery and longevity is an essential part In this sport
but who would you trust in your corner to help you get there ?

Have you felt stiffness in your back, hips or shoulders?
Decreased performance and increased fatigue even though you’re training harder?
Are YOU beating up the bag or is the bag beating YOU up?

More than 90% of the fighters we see experience acute injuries, body fatigue, mental fatigue and decreased
performance due to simply over training.

What's Your Edge?

Begin to tap into your body’s recovery systems, integrate our recovery methods into your existing
programming & reach new levels of mobility, stability and power.

Say goodbye to overtraining and welcome aboard Elite Level Expertise with The ProMet PT & Performance
Team made up of Doctors of Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Surgeons,
Certified Sports & Conditioning Specialists & Licensed Sports Massage Therapists.

Training Program

  • Sport Specific Training
  • Rehabilitation Post Injury
  • Functional Mobility Training

"Working with Antonio has been a real pleasure. I have seen my strength and power skyrocket. We train smarter so I feel healthier and injury free. I couldn't ask for a better PT and strength coach!"

- Danny Gonzalez

Individualized Recovery Methods

  • Normatec Compression Recovery
  • Infared Sauna Sessions
  • Optimize Your Central Nervous System

"It's always been a great honor working with Antonio. He is a real Professional at what he does and helps me STAY injury free. I have been feeling incredibly quick, strong and sharp since working with Antonio. Couldn't ask for a better Physio God Bless"

- Richard Commey

Joint Mobility &
Soft Tissue Massage

  • Deep Tissue, Sports Medical Massage
  • Improve Soft Tissue Mobility
  • Balance Stress Hormones

"From day 1 ProMet didn't just teach me exercises or recovery concepts. They educated me on WHY this is important and how to program this to enhance my performance. I came to see Dr. Antonio at a time where I was over trained, had injuries, just had surgery and he rehabbed me all the way back to the point where I am now faster, stronger and healthier than I was prior to all my injuries in the past. Antonio takes an in depth assessment, explains everything in detail and executes a plan of ACTION individualized to my needs. The quality of service in this therapeutic environment has been so supportive towards improving my conditions that I leave with a sense that someone really cares. Antonio's expertise in performance training and recovery is a great combination that all athletes must seek out. His creative nature combined with science brings out every athlete's full capabilities. Thank you So Much for getting me right!"

- Giovanni Scuderi

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